Minimum Quantity Lubrication


Features and benefits

1. Lower viscosity.
2. Good permeability and surface adhesion coefficient.
3. Has super lubricity.
4. Excellent extreme pressure performance.
5. A small amount of lubrication can achieve processing efficiency, save costs and protect tools.
6. No wastewater is produced.
7. Environmentally friendly, safe and renewable (vegetable).



MQL (minimum quantity lubrication) is the latest development of MCM R&D center. It is based on vegetable oil and achieves the effect of micro-lubrication.

MQL quasi-dry cutting fluid is evenly sprayed on the cutting edge after gasification. When cutting, the cutting fluid forms an oil film between the tool and the workpiece to protect the tool and the workpiece, avoid heat generation and improve the machining accuracy of the workpiece, especially in the process. Precision machining.

MQL quasi-dry cutting fluid sprays coolant from the nozzle into a mist, most of which is sprayed into the cutting zone, a small part of which is dispersed in the air. In order to avoid environmental pollution and damage to the operator, MCM - MQL quasi-dry cutting fluid substrate is used. Vegetable oils, including lipids, are relatively friendly to the environment, have the properties of cleaning agents, dispersing agents, low foaming, rapid deflation, relatively high ignition points and surface compatibility. Plant-based lubricants are rapidly biodegradable. In most cases, MCM - MQL quasi-dry cutting fluids are decomposed within 21 days, so there is no worries for long-term cleaning, low atomization, and short-term clean.