MCM - SUPERSYN is a plant-based base oil formula synthetic water-based cutting fluid developed by MCM Research and Development Center. It has long-lasting life, low taste, low water mist, rust resistance and water-based cutting/grinding liquid for multi-purpose processing. .

Under long-term use, the coolant does not become sticky and has excellent defoaming and cooling properties.
Help the workpiece to meet the needs of processing roughness and surface accuracy.
Oil cleansing and good chipping, long-lasting clean liquid system.



Metal cutting fluid with unique microbial concept, vegetable oil-based structure, exhibits high precision surface precision effect in processing performance due to the natural polarity of its oil molecules.

MCM products have high purity, low oil smoke and low oil mist, easy to clean after process, high lubricity, high defoaming, special anti-hard water, antibacterial and anti-oxidation formula, which can prolong the life and stability of cutting fluid.

It is suitable for turning, grinding and milling of various metal materials such as steel, copper and aluminum alloy.