About Mecom

Company Profile

Founded in 2003 in Taoyuan, Taiwan, MECOM INDUSTRIES CORP. established the MCM brand and became the first
Taiwanese company with the capability to research and produce "plant-based metalworking fluids."

Upholding the core values of environmental protection, health, and safety, the company excels in developing green energy materials. All products in our diverse range are certified by RoHS, and our manufacturing processes adhere to ISO9001, ISO14001, and ISO45001 standards, ensuring exceptional product quality.

Through the integration of advanced technology and eco-friendly raw materials, our metalworking fluids have rapidly gained prominence in the machining markets of automotive, aerospace, and 3C components(.)

起於制程前的原,物料篩選 Starting from the raw materials selection before the process
製程中監督管理 Supervision and management throughout the process
繁複完整品質檢驗 Complex and thorough quality inspection
產品履歷完整改造與留樣保存 Complete transformation and sample preservation of product records

Business Philosophy


Green Energy Economy Goes Global

Empowering the metal processing industry with outstanding performance to enhance production efficiency, economic benefits, and processing quality, leading the industry towards a greener and sustainable future.

液態科技 環保競利

Liquid Technology Environmental Profit

Creating eco-friendly, efficient, and competitive metal processing solutions to build a green, sustainable future.

綠能經濟 接軌國際

Sustainable Earth Stewardship by Businesses

Firmly upholding the principles of corporate sustainability, we are dedicated to nurturing the Earth through green
technology, advancing towards environmentally friendly and safe production.


Digital Technology, Global Marketing

Leveraging digital technology to enhance marketing capabilities, we aim to bring our products to a global audience, achieving green, efficient, and international development through outstanding performance and environmental principles.


Mecom's plant-based cutting fluid undergoes rigorous quality certification to ensure that the product meets the highest standards. We are committed to providing environmentally friendly and efficient cutting fluids to ensure our customers receive exceptional performance and reliable quality throughout the machining process.

液態科技 環保競利
綠能經濟 接軌國際