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Does the use of cutting fluid cause rust and oxidation problems?

*Poor rust prevention properties of the cutting fluid may lead to the need for a switch to a cutting fluid with stronger rust prevention characteristics.

* When the cutting fluid has not been cleaned for a long time and there is excessive accumulation of iron metal at the bottom of the tank, an abundance of active metals within the tank can release iron ions, causing the cutting fluid to turn yellow-brown and making it more prone to machine and workpiece corrosion and rust issues.

Severe burrs during machining, what's the problem?

Severe burrs during machining indicate inadequate cooling, extreme pressure, and lubrication from the cutting fluid. It may be necessary to switch to a cutting fluid with better cooling, lubrication, and extreme pressure properties.

Excessive foam during cutting, what's the problem?

Excessive foam during cutting indicates that the cutting fluid cannot withstand the machine's flushing pressure. In addition to foaming, prolonged use of the cutting fluid can lead to emulsion breakdown, resulting in poor machining, reduced functionality of the cutting fluid, foul odor, and other issues. Therefore, it is recommended to use a cutting fluid with good anti-foaming properties (e.g., MCM HS series products can withstand 50-100 bar flushing pressure).

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