Brand Story

In the early days, the company faced significant challenges. Traditional petrochemical cutting fluids had environmental and health concerns, while green cutting fluids required extensive time and resources for research and production. Nevertheless, the company remained committed to its entrepreneurial concept of green cutting fluids and invested substantial human resources, materials, and financial resources into research and production.

After years of relentless effort, MCM Plant-Based Cutting Fluids emerged as a prominent player in the market, earning the trust and support of international major clients. The company continued to innovate and improve its existing products to meet evolving customer needs. Simultaneously, it actively collaborated with industry partners to jointly promote the development of green cutting fluids.

In terms of product development, the company combined technological innovation with green principles, introducing cutting-edge technology and materials from both domestic and international sources to create innovative and environmentally-friendly green cutting fluid products. These products not only satisfied customer requirements for performance and eco-friendliness but also offered more sustainable production solutions.

For market promotion, the company employed various strategies. It engaged in new product development with customers while highlighting the advantages and features of MCM's research and development. Furthermore, the company utilized online channels and social media for advertising to increase product exposure and sales.

Over the years, MCM Plant-Based Cutting Fluids has become an expert and leading brand in the green cutting fluid field, receiving positive feedback from both domestic and international markets and earning the trust of its customers. The company's exported product sales have exceeded NT10 billion .

The company's entrepreneurial spirit remains focused on becoming an expert in green cutting fluids. In the future, the company will uphold green principles, continuously introduce more eco-friendly and sustainable products, and create greater value for its customers.