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What should I do if the cutting fluid causes discoloration in aluminum alloys?
Inadequate anti-oxidation properties of the cutting fluid may lead to discoloration. Consider switching to a cutting fluid with stronger anti-oxidation properties.

If the cutting fluid has become contaminated or experienced a decrease in anti-oxidation functionality, it's necessary to replace the fluid.

More sensitive aluminum alloys should be dried and stored after machining to prevent discoloration issues.

Experiencing Tool Breakage when Machining High Surface Finish Aluminum Alloys?

*Tool breakage can result from insufficient lubrication properties of the cutting fluid in use. Consider switching to a cutting fluid with better lubrication properties.

*Check if the machine's nozzle is properly aligned with the cutting tool's machining position to ensure even lubrication.

* Evaluating machining conditions, such as machine flushing pressure, tool durability, cutting fluid lubrication, and most importantly, machining parameters, is essential to accurately identify the causes of tool breakage.

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