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Is overheating a common issue when processing titanium metal?

Overheating can occur when processing titanium alloys because they harden upon contact with water. Inadequate extreme pressure, cooling, and lubrication properties of the cutting fluid can lead to overheating.

Is tool wear common during processing?

Due to titanium alloys hardening upon contact with water, tools need to withstand significantly higher pressures during processing compared to other materials. It is recommended to use tools with better rigidity (e.g., German Guhring based tools) in conjunction with a lubricating cutting fluid designed for titanium alloys (e.g., MCM Plant-Based Titanium Alloy Fluid) to mitigate severe tool wear issues.

How should titanium alloy processing parameters be adjusted?

Adjusting the processing parameters for titanium alloys should depend on factors such as the workpiece, machine type, and customer requirements. It's advisable to consult your company's technical experts for adjustments or collaborate with tool suppliers for testing and fine-tuning.

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