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Is there a risk of combustion during cutting?

Because magnesium alloys produce magnesium chips during processing, and when these chips come into contact with water, they can generate magnesium hydroxide. If the magnesium chip content in the reservoir is too high and not cleaned up promptly, the resulting magnesium hydroxide can react with oxygen in the air, leading to combustion or explosion.

Are the machine tools and parts prone to corrosion during the processing?

To effectively prevent corrosion issues with machine tools and parts during magnesium alloy processing, it is recommended to take the following measures:

- Use appropriate cutting fluids or coolants, preferably those that do not contain components known to corrode magnesium alloys.

- Control the temperature during the processing to avoid excessive heat generation.

- Regularly clean and maintain machine tools and parts to ensure there are no foreign materials attached and repair any potential damage.

- Consider using corrosion-resistant materials for magnesium alloy or surface treatments to enhance corrosion resistance.

In summary, through proper operational and maintenance measures, you can effectively reduce the risk of corrosion to machine tools and parts during magnesium alloy processing, while ensuring product quality and equipment lifespan.

Is there an issue with the formation of magnesium soaps?

This is mainly due to the fact that magnesium ions can make water harder, and consequently, cutting fluids that cannot tolerate very hard water (e.g., over 3000 PPM) can easily produce magnesium soaps, accelerating workpiece oxidation and machine tool rust.

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