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112th Taoyuan City Taoyuan Enterprise Women's Power Award

Dec 12, 2023

Taoyuan City Mayor Chang Shan-cheng attended the "Taoyuan Women's Power Awards" ceremony on the afternoon of August 8th to announce the 10 winners of the 112th year. Mayor Chang stated that Taoyuan is Taiwan's largest industrial city, and according to statistics, over 30% of the registered company owners in Taoyuan in 110th year were women. The female workforce accounts for 54.4%, surpassing the male population and ranking first among the six municipalities. Mayor Chang emphasized that the city government will establish the first Women and Children's Bureau in Taiwan on January 1, 113th year. This initiative aims not only to enhance the quality of services for women and children but also to continue fostering the professional development space for women. In the current year (112th year), the city government also introduced policies such as "Subsidies for Egg Freezing Nutrition," providing more high-quality services for women and children's health and care environments. The goal is to empower women in Taoyuan to have more opportunities to flourish.

Mayor Chang pointed out that during his early years at National Taiwan University, studying civil engineering, there was only one female classmate. However, upon returning to Taiwan after completing his studies and teaching at the Civil Engineering Department of National Taiwan University, he noticed a significant increase in the number of female students, reflecting the gradual breakthrough of the societal framework for female occupations. Mayor Chang recently visited a subway construction site and observed several female engineers wearing hard hats, illustrating the rise of women in various fields, significantly contributing to society.

Mayor Chang mentioned that the "Taoyuan Women's Power Awards" selected 10 outstanding female winners. Through the influence of Far Eastern Group, he hopes that more people will recognize the achievements of these winners and encourage more women in Taoyuan and Taiwan to unleash their potential. Mayor Chang believes that there is still more room for the empowerment of women, and he hopes that the city government's promotion of the "Taoyuan Women's Power Awards" will have a positive impact.

Lee Chien-hsing, the chief editor of Far Eastern Magazine, stated that the labor force participation rate of Taiwanese women is very high, and they possess excellent capabilities. Especially in the current era of the knowledge economy, women can play more diverse roles in the workplace, making significant contributions to society. The 10 female award winners today serve as the best examples of female labor force in Taiwan.

The Department of Economic Development mentioned that the Taoyuan Women's Power Awards are divided into "Entrepreneurship" and "Workplace" categories, with evaluation criteria including "Professionalism," "Influence," "Leadership," and "Practicality." The winners have demonstrated concrete, outstanding, and deeply connected achievements in the local community. After a three-month submission, selection, and scoring process, 10 outstanding female winners were selected from hundreds of applications through deliberations by professional judges.

The "Taoyuan Entrepreneurship Women's Power Award" targets outstanding women who have established and registered organizations and companies in Taoyuan, contributing to the local entrepreneurship, consumption development, and economic promotion. The winners include Chen Li-ju, Chairman of Xingyi Medical Supplies Company, Deng Xiang-ying, Design Director of Hengxing Business Company, Yang Mei-fei, Chairman of Meike Technology Company, Zeng Ting-ting, Founder of Xinbao Smart Environment Company, Cai Yi-ting, Founder of We Love Design Company, and Cai Shu-juan, Chairman of Doctor's Gate Company.

The "Taoyuan Workplace Women's Power Award" focuses on outstanding women working in organizations and companies established in Taoyuan, recognizing their contributions, achievements, management plans, and professional awards. The winners are Lu Yong-li, Social Work Supervisor at the Taoyuan Branch Office of the Lihshing Social Welfare Foundation, Chen Shu-min, CEO of Jiali Fruit Company, Huang Hui-ching, Product Responsibility Department Manager at Taiwan Yongguang Chemical Company, and Lin Hui-ping, Nursing Director at the Cancer Center of Taoyuan General Hospital.

Today's event was attended by City Councilors Chen Mei-mei and Chang Hsiao-yun, Director of the Department of Economic Development Chang Cheng, Director of the Department of Social Welfare Chen Bao-min, Deputy District Chief of Taoyuan Chiu Chuang-cheng, Chief Editor of Far Eastern Magazine Lee Chien-hsing, Executive Director of Taoyuan Industrial Association Chen Mei-ling, Secretary General of the Republic of China Enterprise Sustainable Development Association Mo Dong-li, Professor at the College of Education at National Chengchi University and Honorary Dean of the American Research Institute Yan Min-ren, Chairman of the Taiwan Women's Entrepreneurship Support and Development Association Weng Yu-ting, and the award winners themselves.



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