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MCM Plant-based Cutting Fluid Makes the Earth Smile

Nov 21, 2023

Environmental protection and green energy are also blowing into the mechanical processing industry!

At this Taichung Machine Tool Show, in addition to seeing products that are beneficial to the environment and health, such as oil mist recovery machines and oil-water separators, MCM also announced its world-renowned environmentally friendly ESG plant-based high-efficiency metal cutting fluid leadership at the venue. Brands, welcome to booth 3211 in the machine tool area to view these green cutting fluid products with the characteristics of "cost reduction" and "waste reduction".

Dr. Liao, the company's technical director, said that when performing machining operations, due to the temperature rise caused by the high-speed rotation of the spindle and cutting processing, cutting fluid must be used to cool and lubricate the workpiece and tool. He said that traditional cutting fluids (emulsified oil, semi-synthetic, fully synthetic) all use toxic petrochemical base oils as the main raw materials. These raw materials cannot be metabolized by the human body after inhalation or contact during the processing process, which is harmful to health, and cannot be decomposed by the earth. , causing environmental pollution. Dr. Liao emphasized that Meike uses green bio-base oils to replace petrochemical raw materials. In addition to being metabolized by the human body, it can also reduce environmental pollution in industrial processes. It can also be decomposed into land nutrients, which is healthy, safe and environmentally friendly. of plant cutting fluid.

Take the company's MCM SUPERSOL environmentally friendly plant-based high-efficiency metal cutting fluid, which won the 2023 Taiwan Excellence Award, as an example. This product is biodegradable and has good skin adaptability. It does not contain toxic chemicals and has successfully entered the world's leading manufacturing companies.
Dr. Liao said that MCM SUPERSOL has excellent comprehensive performance, unique lubrication and cooling properties, low foaming and easy cleaning of workpieces. It can not only extend the service life of oil and cutting tools, improve the surface finish of workpieces, but also reduce waste water, exhaust gas and carbon dioxide. It is an environmentally friendly cutting fluid to achieve the purpose of reducing costs, reducing waste, and protecting human health and the global environment.

Source: Economic Daily


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