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Multiple awards recognized MCM G2 high-efficiency plant cutting fluid environmentally friendly

Mar 28, 2024

●Breakthrough innovation, MCM’s G2 plant-based cutting fluid leads a new trend in environmentally friendly processing。 Photo/ MCM Plant-based cutting fluid machine sticker

MCM Cutting Fluid Company is an internationally renowned leading brand of plant cutting fluids. It has been working hard in the field of high-end precision machining for many years and has established a good brand image. It has also been recognized by major domestic and foreign metal processing manufacturers. In order to meet the enterprise's pursuit of a non-toxic and harmless manufacturing environment and assist enterprises in the practice of ESG, we successfully developed the second generation of plant-based high-efficiency cutting fluid and won the Taiwan Excellence Award and innovative research awards.

MCM's G2 high-efficiency plant-based cutting fluid is a new type of green and environmentally friendly cutting fluid. Its performance surpasses traditional mineral oil emulsified cutting fluid, semi-synthetic cutting fluid and fully synthetic cutting fluid. It has significant advantages in the following aspects : 1. Extended service life: The service life is up to 10 years, which is much higher than the average life of traditional cutting fluids of 1-2 years. It can reduce the frequency of replacement, save costs and improve production efficiency. 2. Tool life extension: It can increase the tool life by 30% to 300%, reduce the wear rate, extend the tool life cycle, and improve the processing quality. 3. Wide range of application: suitable for all materials and various application processing scenarios, realizing green and environmentally friendly processing of a variety of processes. 4. Environmental protection advantages: Comply with the world's most stringent regulations and ESG standards, taking into account economic benefits, environmental protection and social responsibility. 5. Energy saving and emission reduction: It has better lubrication performance and cooling effect, which helps to reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. 6. High safety: Plant-based ingredients are non-toxic and harmless, friendly to the human body and the environment, and reduce the risk of occupational diseases and environmental pollution risks.

To sum up, MCM’s G2 high-efficiency plant cutting fluid has significant advantages in performance, environmental protection, and economy. It is a green and environmentally friendly choice worth trying.

Source/ Industrial and Commercial Times


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