Metal Product Treatment Agents

Corrosion Preventives Serirs

short& medium& long-term anti-rust low volatility
For the needs of industrial process workpieces and end products, it is divided into short, medium and long-term anti-rust or export packaging, and especially for the very stable anti-rust protection requirements, so the Meike Technology R & D Center developed this special Anti-rust oil with low viscosity and containing gas phase rust inhibitor. It is specially used for anti-rust treatment of finished products, such as bearings, steam locomotive parts or mechanical parts, and can be used in sealed or bulk packaging.

In response to the needs of industrial process workpieces and finished products, we offer short, medium, and long-term anti-corrosion protection or export packaging and transportation. Particularly, when facing the stringent requirements for stable rust protection, Mecom Technology's Research and Development Center has developed a special low-viscosity rust preventive oil with vapor-phase corrosion inhibitors. This rust preventive oil is designed for the rust protection treatment of finished products such as bearings, automotive parts, or mechanical components and is suitable for both sealed and bulk packaging.