Metalworking Fluids

SUPERSYN Climate-Friendly Plant-Based Synthetic Cutting Fluid

long life high defoaming water-based cutting fluid
MCM - SUPERSYN is a plant-based base oil formula synthetic water-based cutting fluid developed by the MCM Research Center. This product features long-lasting durability, low odor, minimal misting, outstanding rust protection, and is suitable for versatile machining and grinding applications.

Over extended usage, the coolant remains non-viscous and exhibits excellent anti-foaming and cooling properties.
Assists in achieving the required machining roughness and surface precision of workpieces.
The fluid maintains good cleanliness and sedimentation characteristics, ensuring a consistently clean fluid system.

A metal cutting fluid with a unique microbiological concept, a plant oil-based structure, and its natural oil molecule polarity, which exhibits high precision surface accuracy in machining performance.

MCM products are characterized by high purity, low oil smoke and mist, easy post-processing cleaning, high lubricity, excellent defoaming, a special anti-hard water, antibacterial, and antioxidant formula. They effectively extend the cutting fluid's lifespan and stability.

Suitable for turning, grinding, and milling of various metal materials such as steel, copper, and aluminum alloys.